Local business closes its doors

kolditzOff the Track Bar and Grill closed its doors for good on December 27. For Barb and Dave Kolditz, the owners of Off the Track, the closing was a planned event and they are looking forward to the future.
“We’re looking to stay in town,” said Dave.  “We’ll rent for a while and look for a house.”   The Kolditz’s moved into the upstairs area of the building which houses Off the Track from Peoria seven years ago.
“Our first day of business was December 28 of 2002,” said Dave. “Barb was the main worker.”
Closing the business, even though planned, created mixed feelings in both Barb and Dave. 
“We’ve seen a lot in the seven years we’ve been in business,” said Dave.  “The best part about it is that we’ve gotten to know a lot of good people in town, Stark County and the surrounding area.  It’s like a family.”
“Yes, it’s time to go,” added Barb. “We are weary mentally and physically and ready for a break.  But it’s sad too.  We won’t see the people, customers like we used to.”
“We’ve tried to run a good establishment,” said Dave. “Where people could take their kids in and eat an early dinner or lunch.”
“We’ve seen a lot of things over the years,” said Dave. “We’ve had everything in here except a birth and a wedding.”
Part of the reason for the timing of closingthe business is new laws governing small business in Illinois.
“They are not business friendly,” said Dave.  “They go out of their way to drive the business out of the small proprietors’ hands.”
Dave doesn’t mince words about owning a small business. “You really have to be a self-starter and full of determination to succeed,” said Dave.  “Working with other businesses helps.”
Dave and Barb both commented on the welcome they received when they opened the business.
“People were so friendly and welcoming,” said Barb. “It was wonderful.”
Barb and Dave will both stay busy though, finding a place in town and perhaps looking for part-time jobs.
“It will be great to just show up at work, put in my time and leave,” said Barb.  Working and living in the same building made it hard to separate a personal life with business.  
Both Barb and Dave have enjoyed their years working the Off the Track business and have decided to stay a permanent addition to the community.
“We hope that everyone had a great holiday,” said Dave.  “We’re looking forward to see what next year brings.”

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