Lotspeich retiring, principals contracts to not be renewed

By Doug Hampton
[email protected]

During a special meeting held last week, the Bradford School Board accepted the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Ellin Lotspeich.  The resignation will be effective June 30, 2016. 

In a letter to the board, Lotspeich wrote, “I’m thankful for the support I have received in more than forty years in elementary and secondary education, including ten years serving Bradford Community Unit School District #1 as District Superintendent.  The time has come, however, for me to retire and pursue my personal goals; allocating additional time to my research and family. I plan to complete the current school year before officially retiring with the final day being Thursday, June 30th, 2016.”

Lotspeich was hired as the superintendent in Bradford in 2006 and had previously been the principal of Irving School in Kewanee.

The board also did not renew the principals contracts saying, “With the pending due date to renew existing contracts for 2016-2017 set for April 1, and not knowing if we will be granted the part-time superintendent waiver, as well as, the board intending to move to a single administrator, therefore, at this time we will not renew the principal contract. The board will begin the search for a single full time superintendent for the 2016-2017 school year.”  The board had applied for a waiver to operate with a part-time superintendent, but has not yet heard back on the subject.

Teachers and community members in attendance asked if Elementary Principal Chad Gripp would be hired for the superintendent position.  The board indicated that they will advertise the position but also released a statement saying, “The Board of Education greatly appreciates Chad Gripp’s years of dedicated teaching, coaching, and administrative service as the District Principal. The Board of Education anticipates his application for the Superintendent position.” 

At the meeting, the board also passed a resolution “providing for the issue of approximately $150,000 General Obligation School Bonds, Series 2016, of the District, for the purpose of increasing the Working Cash Fund of the School District. This provides for the levy of a direct annual tax sufficient to pay the principal and interest on said bonds, and authorizing the sale of said bonds to the purchaser thereof.”

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