Tidbits from the past

[From Stark County Republican, Bradford, Illinois, Thursday, May 10, 1894, p. 1, col. 4]

High Water Pants
A man recently ordered a pair of trousers from his tailor. On trying them on, they proved to be several inches too long. It being late on Saturday night the tailor shop was closed and the man took the trousers to his wife and asked her to cut them off and hem them over. The good lady, whose dinner had perhaps disagreed with her, brusquely refused. The same results followed on application to his eldest daughter and to the wife’s sister.
But the wife before bedtime, relenting, took her husband’s trousers and, cutting three inches from the legs, hemmed them and returned them to the wardrobe. Half an hour later the daughter, full of compunction for her unfilial conduct, took the trousers, cut off three inches, hemmed them and replaced them. Finally, the sister-in-law felt the pangs of conscience and she too performed an additional surgical operation on the garment.
When the man appeared at breakfast Sunday morning the family thought a Highland chief had arrived.

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