Stark County Schools rehire 14 teachers

schoolDuring a special meeting, the Stark County School District voted to reduce its 2010-2011 budget by $443,937 to cover an expected $545,000 revenue shortfall.
The shortfall is caused by the State of Illinois funding cuts as well as payments due the district this year that have not been made.
Fund balances hardest hit are the transportation fund and operating fund, but the Stark County School board believes that they can weather through next year with the budget changes made earlier this week.
“The board felt these changes weren’t biting into our programs,” said Stark County School Board president Marty Cantwell.  “But these cuts will only help us over the next year.  If the state finances don’t improve, then more and deeper cuts will need to be made in order to keep the district running.” 
Cantwell thanked the teachers’ union for freezing wages over the next year.
“This helped us save jobs,” said Cantwell.  “We appreciated them working with us.”
Cantwell also had this to say.
“I’m going to have this information at every board meeting,” continued Cantwell. “When people ask me ‘What’s up with the finances?’  I’ll give them this slip of paper that has the addresses of their representatives at the state capital.  Write them, let them know that action needs to be taken now.  The Stark County board cannot do anything but limit the budget to fit into local funding in order to stay fiscally responsible.”
The board re-employed the following teachers for the 2010-2011 school year.
Fourth year teachers: Laurie Shipp, Terena Cozaihr and Kaleena Conrad. Third year teachers: Laura Bennett, Chris Cinnamon, Sharon George and Amy Wise. Second year teachers: Christine Howard, Jill Klooster, LaDon Workman and Sarah Nowlan. First year teacher: Michael Bosomsworth. Part time teachers: Diann Bush and Steve Listwan.
Certified teachers that were not re-employed are Evan Miles and Josh Klokkenga. Non-certified state that were not re-employed were Amy Snyder and Paula Gale.
Duing this special meeting the board accepted the resignation of Nick Phillips as crossing guard.
Other cuts the board approved were: skipping the school board conference, textbook updates and technology updating for next year; not replacing retiring elementary teacher or Henry/Stark special ed teacher; eliminating one special ed aide, Jr. High/ Health teacher position, Jr. High/High School business position, a High School speech position, a High School Student Council position, a High school assistant football coach position, the athletic director position, head teacher stipends, summer painting crew and a Title I aide in grade school; reducing by 10 percent the building budgets in each building, the extra-curricular budget, the extra-curricular travel budget, and paper and copying cost; reduce by 20 percent the outside school drivers ed budget; reduce by 35 percent the technology coordinator contract time; reduce the energy costs of the district by 5 percent.
The board will only hire three summer workers for this summer and will not demolish the old Wyoming High school or build a new bus garage over the next school year.
“These changes will only help us next year,” said Cantwell.  “We will still have a $100,000 shortfall, but the board feels that we will be able to absorb that for one year.”
In other business the board approved the appointment of Beth Rumbold as Secretary Pro-Tempore for the meeting due to the abscence of board member Dave Turner and approved the letting of Property and Casualty Insurance.
The next board meeting will be on April 20 at 7 p.m.

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