Water use increased in Bradford, Betty Hoy to be honored

By John A. Ballentine
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Maintenance Supervisor Jim Chadwick informed the Bradford village board members Monday that water is being consumed at the capacity level presently. Chadwick was not positive why there is such a demand for water.
“Presently, there are 250 gallons a minute being used, which is pretty unbelievable,” Chadwick said. “The pump is running continually trying to keep up.”

Chadwick explained that lawn sprinkling does not seem to be happening that much, so there could be an undetected leak that has not surfaced. Village President Henry Waldinger echoed that statement because he has not seen very many lawns that are being watered, either.

The board is concerned about this fact of water demand and asks residents to not water their lawns until further notice.

The water system passed a recent Environmental Protection Agency evaluation and no problems were encountered. Chadwick stated, “Since we haven’t had any derogatory remarks in the last 10 to 15 years, the inspector suggested we fill the application out so that we don’t have to test so often to about one-half of what we test now.”

In addition to those tests, Chadwick said that the water department will soon test 10 homes for lead levels. He explained that there are usually no problems discovered by the testing, which is done every three years.

Later during the village board meeting, Chadwick requested that H&H Sewer Company be hired for water-jetting the village’s sewer lines. The cost would be $8,000 for a year. The board agreed with a stipulation that one-fourth of the lines be jetted every three months to spread out the cost.
Betty Hoy honored

Betty Hoy
Betty Hoy

Village President Henry Waldinger proclaimed, “Sunday, July 10th, will be Betty Hoy Day in Bradford!” That day is also designated for Betty’s retirement party.

“She has been here in business for 43 years! They came here to Bradford in January, 1973, and have been in business ever since,” Waldinger exclaimed. The Hoys established a pharmacy in Bradford that has been run continually since their arrival.

The village board agreed to have a plaque made for the ceremony to be presented to Betty on July 10th. In addition, the Senior Citizens Center will provide food for the ceremony. Residents and the general public are encouraged to attend.

Rt. 40 sidewalk

The sidewalk replacement on Route 40 in Bradford past the library was discussed under the Public Works portion of the meeting. A total cost has been estimated at $21,000 that includes the sidewalk from the Route 40 Main Street intersection to the library driveway. No action was taken at this time.

New flags

The board agreed to help the Bradford Boy Scouts organization to replace worn and torn United States flags at Elsie Hodges Park and at several other locations around Bradford. The village allocated a donation from the park fund, an expenditure of up to $400 for the purchase of six new flags.

Swimming Pools

The Bradford Swimming Pool family pass, which currently costs $150 for the season, was a subject of discussion and action. Trustee Tony Carlton, Swimming Pool Committee chairperson explained, “The family pass currently covers a family of four. There have been families attending the pool who have six members and they should be charged more than a family of four.”

The board agreed to charge $10 a person additionally for families exceeding four members. Also, the family members all have to reside in the same household to qualify for a family pass.

A water aerobics class will be established soon at the Bradford Swimming Pool. The class will be conducted by Molly Carlton, who is certified for that class instruction.

The board reminds residents that there is a $75 seasonal charge for private swimming pools. The charge includes filling and maintaining the water levels for the season. Also, that a safety fence is required around private pools.

The next village meeting is scheduled for July 11 at 7 p.m.

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