Bradford Board updated on demolition timeline

By Doug Hampton
[email protected]

Superintendent Chad Gripp discussed the timeline for the demolition of the former Bradford High School building during the July school board meeting.   He told the board that the fence was constructed and the abatement process began on Thursday, July 14 and demolition is expected to begin July 25.

Gripp said, “The goal is to have the dangerous demolition work (knocking the building down to the ground) completed prior to August 17 when the students return.”  Then the only work required after students are present would be debris removal, backfilling, grading and seeding. 

 Gripp said he had received a number of inquiries concerning the demolition including,  one question regarding if community members would be able to have some bricks from the building.
Gripp spoke with Bradford Village President Waldinger who told him the village will provide a dump truck to haul some bricks from the high school to city property where people could pick them up.  The contractor for the demolition told Gripp that saving bricks is a very common practice and he will be happy to load some bricks into a village truck.  This will be done at the beginning of the demolition.

 Another question Gripp received was if a memorial will be created after the project is finished.  It was decided that this is an idea that can be pursued after the project is completed.   Someone inquired if the bell that was once part of the high school would be destroyed.  The bell has been in a district garage for some time and will not be destroyed and could be used as part of a memorial.  Gripp will also ask the contractors to do their best to preserve the tree closest to the junior high which would be an ideal location for the memorial.
Annual Audit

The annual audit showed that the district has $2,030,536 on hand after the year-end audit. 
Gripp noted that, “We have $133,000 in the Education Fund that is restricted for lease items only. The $75.04 was apparently an interest premium on our bond. Our balance decreased in IMRF/SS. This was done on purpose last summer when establishing the levy percentages. The Working Cash balance does include the $150,000 bond. Our balance decreased in Fire Prevention & Safety. This was a result of last summer’s projects.”

 The board approved network cabling updates for the grade school to be done by Geneseo Telephone.  The total cost will be $18,179.50 with 70% being paid by the erate program.  Bradford’s cost will end up being $5,453.85.

 The board recognized teachers who participated in “Teach Like a Pirate” study – Mrs. Krider, Miss Zell, Miss Brown, Mrs. Hewitt, Mrs. Hoffert, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Kazubowski, Mrs. Fehrenbacher, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Nanninga, and Mrs. Horrie volunteered for the study that took place on July 7th and wrapped-up on July 21st.

 After an executive session, the board voted to hire Ms. Amy Olszanowski as half-time art teacher for the 2016-2017 school year.

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