Our best news comes from you

As much as we would like to be at every event and take every photo, we can’t. That’s why here at Stark County Communications we invite you to be a part of our news team and submit photos and information!
It’s a win-win – you help us add content and information to our already extensive array of news, and in return you’re promoting your business, event or recognizing a family member or friend.
If you don’t think you’ve got what it takes, you’re wrong. Taking a photo with a cell phone nowadays is acceptable! Grab a quick picture of the action and email it to [email protected] with just a little bit about what is going on in the picture and who is in it. We call that the caption.
Want to add more than a photo? Great! We welcome reader submitted stories, press releases, story ideas and leads. If you’re comfortable writing, go for it! We’ll double check your work and may contact you about adding details or clarifying before publishing.
Finally, you can do all of this the tradional way or via Facebook. Call 286-4444, fax to 286-5555, email [email protected] or post to our Facebook page. It’s really pretty easy and rewarding to see your work in the newspaper!
So next time you’re at an event and you don’t see us, snap and send!

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