Stark County Communications Announces a New Business Builder

Stark County Communications, (SCC) long known as the Business Builder with Stark County News, The Prairie Shopper, and, introduces another GREAT feature to help in your business growth. (THE ODD FELLOWS) A website development, and hosting plan for you.

Everyone is aware of the impact of electronic media, with Facebook, Twitter and etc. So let us build (or update) your website. This is a one-time affordable method to build you an exciting, business attracting website. Website building rates vary from $200 to $600 depending on how elaborate you desire your website to be. Remember this is a one-time charge.

Websites can be extremely beneficial to your business. It may show pictures, features, sales events, hours, ordering information or anything you desire for your business. The negative is that it is not simple to build and even more difficult and time-consuming to maintain for maximum impact. BUT properly done it is extremely valuable as a sales tool. The Odd Fellows can do that for you!! We will maintain and update your website for you, all for a low monthly fee of only $50.00.

“BUT I DON’T NEED THAT, I USE FACEBOOK”, you say. That is even more reason for you to have a website. It is difficult to put all the data and information on Facebook, or other social media posts. But by spreading the news of an event via social media with a link to your beautiful, informative, and up-to-date website, you create more excitement, involvement and business with your customers.

This, in our opinion, is the most cost effective method to make your potential customers aware of your business and what you offer. Having a promotion? Put the details on your website and then use Social Media with a direct link to your website for details. Don’t clutter your Facebook posts, keep it simple, frequent, extensive and again direct traffic to your website for ALL of the information. We develop and/or maintain your website for you, and you post on social media, just that simple.

We want to help your business not only succeed but to thrive. We can act as your advertising agency WITHOUT THE HIGH COST. If you have a leaky pipe or faucet, do you call an Attorney? No, you call a plumber. This same analogy pertains to your marketing needs. We are the professionals and our staff has many years of doing so. We will work in harmony with you on any project you have, providing free consultation. We will recommend various methods that fit your budget to achieve your goals. You choose what is best for your business in content, budget, coverage, media or whatever you wish.

Want more Info? Call (309) 286-4444 and speak to Kendra. ([email protected])

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