A community celebration, Let Freedom Ring

bradfordThe lawn chair brigade was out in full force Friday night for Bradford’s “Let Freedom Ring,” clumped in areas of shade, rather than rowed in military precision.  
Food, song, and enough patriotism to bring a tear to the eye of the gathered throng was enjoyed from the opening cheer by BGS orange and black-clad cheerleaders until the dance music for the adolescent crowd, as the sun slid slowly from the sky.
Let Freedom Ring.  Think about it.  Picture it.  Remember it from history.  It was a night of old fashioned Fourth of July town park entertainment.  Red, white and blue everywhere, waving freely in the perfect summer night.
But…first and foremost, the event honored and put in the spot light our military who have fought to give us freedom.  Even George Washington was there, or maybe one of his cronies, as he oversaw the Boy Scouts demonstration and definition of the correct way to fold the American Flag.  Or maybe it was Tom Ashby, who is a devotee to history and to scouting.  Impressive, anyhow.
The flag was led in by WW II veterans and brothers-in-law Bill Bomleny and Harold “Pebby” Scott, recent guests of the “Honor Flight” to DC.  They were followed by Bradford’s Legion Color Guard, a representative of an interim time of service.  
2nd Lt. Luke Hewitt, Bradford Post 445 Commander, gave the keynote address, detailing his current stint in the service.  Luke is following his heart and is undergoing the steps to be in the Secret Service.  Luke represents his age group well and is a fine speaker.
Something for every age, the small fry entertained with their decorated bike contest and parade, more red, white, and blue everywhere.  The crowd really was the winner in this event.
New this year to the program was the Community Choir under the direction of Gary Black, who admitted all he did was wave his arms.  What a good turn out of 40 plus singers representing four different area churches.  
Two and a half hours of free entertainment, many more acts that are not acclaimed in this article due to space.  But there was room that night for more lawn chairs.  Plan to attend next year, A Community Celebration of Let Freedom Ring.

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