Toulon approves Engels as temp Chief

toulonTerry Engels was approved as Toulon’s Chief of Police during their regular meeting Monday.  With some stipulations.
“This is a temporary appointment,” said Alderman Phil Albertson.  “We will review after 90 days and make a determination.”
The council will also review Engels performance and how he handles the council’s requests.
Engels will recieve $15 an hour and work around 24 to 30 hours a week.  Engels is to submitt names of people he would like to hire as part-time officers for the city.
The police committee will meet next Wednesday, July 21 at 5 p.m. to review job duties and compete paperwork for Engels. 

Residents voice dissaproval
Several residents voiced dissaproval over the new garbage enclosure on Veteran’s Parkway across from the city park.

Sue Turnbull, owner of the building housing Connie’s, Verizon and Changes, expressed her displeasure.
“I wasn’t notified of this plan,” said Turnbull.  “The garbage is worse than it was before, it smells and debris is scattered all over the place.  The enclosure blocks off a parking space and restricts patrons ability to park close to the hair stylist.  We service older people that can’t always walk as far and that area is very treacherous, especially in the winter.  What are you going to do to fix it?”
Larry Wang of Cover Insurance, also stated that he didn’t receive notification of the plan to share garbage costs with the other businesses on Main Street.
“I also want to know why there is a personal tub for one business in the enclosure,” said Wang.  
Several residents present at the meeting added to the list by stating that the enclosure made it difficult to see around and created a hazard in an area that is frequently used.
Mayor Collins addressed the concerns by stating that the city made room for the personal tub in the enclosure and that the refuse and debris was better contained than over the past 30 years.  The cost was shared between all the businesses making it cheaper for everyone.
“I really see it as an improvement,” said Collins.
Other residents took the mayor to task over the flooding in the Musselman’s subdivision.
“We have been here and nothing has been done about it,” said Mary, one resident.  “We want to see action!”
The city responded by bringing engineer Kevin Cooper from Bruener, Cooper and Zuck to discuss options.  
“This is a three-part process,” said Cooper. “First we need to finalize a plan to place storm lines in the area to direct the water east of the subdivision, second we need to close the east end of Turner to accommodate the storm lines and third we need a storm water detention ordinance to keep new development from placing undue stress on the storms lines.”
The council directed Cooper in a passed motion to proceed in finalizing the plan, closing Turner and writing an ordinance for the council to approve next month.
“If you had a storm water detention ordinance before, this water problem wouldn’t have happened,” said Cooper.  “It places the responsibility on the new development owner to plan for ways to decrease the water flow through the town.  Every time someone paves over the ground it increases the water run-off by four to five times.”
Cooper also reviewed an option to place a sewer system in the entire west end of Toulon, which is currently functioning with private septic systems.
“We need to look forward and do something about this,” said Mayor Collins.  “With all this rain and water, personal septic tanks are failing, putting the homeowners in a bind. We may be able to get a grant for this project.”
The engineer’s cost for the sewer expansion is $2.75 million.  The city will be looking at options before making a final decision.
The next regular board meeting will be on August 9 at 6 p.m.

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