Toulon tele-pharmacy plans move ahead

Golf carts on the streets?

By Jim Nowlan
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Registered pharmacist and businessman Vic Patel, of Marengo IL, appeared before the Toulon City Council Monday to confirm his plans to open a tele-pharmacy in Toulon in 2017.
Patel operates three pharmacies in Indiana and Illinois and is opening two more. He is planning to open a pharmacy in the Kenney Richardson property adjacent to the Cakes Etc. bakery on Main Street.

The “tele-pharmacy” would employ two pharmacy technicians and be open from 9-6 weekdays and 9-2 Saturdays.

The store would stock the medications. The pharmacy techs would communicate by video conference with a registered pharmacist such as Mr. Patel, who would approve the filling of prescriptions.

Toulon Mayor Larry Hollis said the city would use Tax Increment Finance (TIF) funds to pay for renovations of the store space to make it suitable for a pharmacy and even possibly to cover the leasing of the space by Mr. Patel.

“I think we need a pharmacy in town,” declared Hollis.

When asked about pricing by Alderman Ryan Kelly, Patel said, “We meet Wal-Mart and any other retailers’ prices.”

In other business, the council approved an expenditure of up to $8,500 to Lacky Monument in Galesburg for renovations to the concrete mausoleum in the Toulon Cemetery, which has deteriorated badly over the years.

Mayor Hollis reported that progress is being made on efforts to demolish the house and remove the trailer on a nuisance property on Clinton Street at Miller Street in north Toulon known as the Buzbee property.

Plans are to see about knocking the house into the foundation and having the fire department burn the structure, and also remove the trailer from the premises.

“I want to see it gone,” said Hollis.

Donations were approved for $1,250 to the Fall Festival to be held this weekend and $500 for the Stark County Junior Football League.

Mixed reactions to idea of golf carts

An inquiry from a citizen about adopting an ordinance that would legalize the use of golf carts on Toulon streets generated a buzz of informal comments from councilmen and women.
Wyoming and several area municipalities have adopted such ordinances.

According to Toulon city attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher, who has drafted ordinances for other municipalities, “There are a lot of requirements in such ordinances.”

For example, in other ordinances a driver of a golf cart has to have a permit, be a licensed driver, have lights and turn signals, be 21 years of age, wear seat belts, and more.

In the hub-bub of the informal conversations, it was difficult to parse out particular comments, yet it was clear several aldermen were skeptical about the idea or the need for legalized golf carts in Toulon.

The council members will review the Wyoming ordinance before the next regular meeting, though it is not certain if action would be taken then.

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