A Cheap Adventure

By Marilyn McCullough

 Halloween is almost upon us…Watch out for ghosts, vampires, and boogie men under your bed and in your closet.  Trick or treaters will be wanting goodies from you.

I have a FANTASTIC suggestion.., BOTH ECONOMICAL AND TIMELY. If you have younger children WHY NOT have them check your closets for spooks and treats.  You might ask:  WHY?  Throw in some goodies (wrapped candies, a few coins and whatever you want that will interest the seekers and have them empty and clean your closets?  Think of the cheap labor and the kids will be safer than outside (except for the spooks).

A quarter, an Enalpril tablet,  a VIP card from a grocery store in AZ, a piece of Kleenex and an apple core…the results of rearranging the shoe rack in my closet.  I am only amazed at the APPLE CORE…..I eat an apple a day while sitting in my recliner and watching The Price is Right.  I then toss the core into the towel I use for residue and eventually discard in garbage or the waste basket, OOPS! I must have missed the waste basket and hit one of my shoes beside my chair.  Couldn’t probably make that shot again in a 1,000 years.  Not looking, reading my book, wiping the juice from my chin, EATING an apple and banking a shot from the heel to the toe of my shoe….Eat your heart out, LeBron James!

Throw in some cigars, beer or soda pop and you might even entice your spouse!  Anytime I can help with ideas on housecleaning, just call me!

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