Wyoming appoints new Alderman

Wednesday, July 16, the Wyoming City Council held their July monthly meeting. The Mayor swore in the newest alderman, Joe Grey. Grey was appointed to fill Pat Maher’s remaining 2 years of serving on the council. Pat Maher was elected mayor thus creating the opening. The city council is now up to a full slate of alderman.
The council voted in favor of funding 50 percent of the proposed new awning for The Spoon River Landing store. This is a relative new business in Wyoming and considerable work has been done to restore and upgrade the

building. Much of their business is people passing through town so building attractiveness is key to their success. The awning will provide not only a much better appearance for the store, but downtown area as well.

Also passed were the Annual Budget and Tax Appropriation Ordinance along with requests from the Fall Festival group, Thomas Park details by the Wyoming Area Chamber of Commerce for the Corn Boil, and to agree to new county demands for higher monthly fee for animal control.

Some complaints were noted that an alley has become a thoroughfare, especially when the Grade School is in session. That alley running from Butler St. to Grove St. will be posted to halt this. If you do not live in this area or have business in this area, you are subject to ticketing for usage.

During the downtown street tear up for the new water mains, the city will proceed with handicap access to City Hall. There will be ramp, east and west, of the City Hall door to provide wheel chair access to City Hall. Some adjustments may be made to accommodate USDA approval.

A brief discussion was held and approved for the continuing health plan for city employees. The good news is the coverage remains essentially the same with the bad news being about a 7 percent increase in premiums.

Lastly the council approved a small radio advertising campaign during the 4H fair on WKEI in the amount of $99.

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