Specil celebration at Toulon Congregational Church

First Congregational Church of Toulon.
First Congregational Church of Toulon.

Rev. Dr. W. Ronald Toliver, Pastor of the First Congregational Church, at 218 North Henderson in Toulon, has announced that he and Mrs. Lynne Roark have planned a special Sunday service for November 27, 2016.

On November 29, 1846, 170 years ago, the church was organized by nine pioneer settlers in the first Stark County Courthouse in Toulon. Seven members of the Rhodes family and Giles and Mary Dana were charter members when organized by Rev. Lucius Parker and Rev. Samuel Guild Wright.

At this special service, the church will highlight the music ministries that have been a hallmark at the church throughout the years.

A six-seat choir loft was included in the rear of our first meeting house in 1852 and a melodeon was brought to the church from the Wright home each Sabbath; then a violin and finally an organ was added.
After the 1913 fire that destroyed our second meeting house, the church acquired and installed a Bennett Pipe Organ. Today, we have two clavinova pianos and two regular pianos. All will be on display during the special service on Sunday the 27th of November.

The program will also spotlight solo numbers by three young musicians: Nathan Toliver, Kalleigh Keane and Jack Colgan. The youth choir has planned song and solos by senior choir members, Amanda Dynes, Jessica Richards and Jackie Colgan, will also be featured. A flute solo by Janet Wilkinson will be included as well as a couple of songs by the “Famous Four Keyboards:” G. Michael Stahl, Mary Hawk, Carol Rice and Lynne Roark.

Please join us at 10:30 a.m. on November 27; we are very proud of all our performers.

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