Henry County ends Stark’s intergovernmental agreement

Treasurer’s Office running “efficiently” says Henry Co.

By John A. Ballentine
[email protected]

Henry County Chief Deputy Treasurer Kelly J. Vincent has told the Stark County board members through a letter dated January 31, 2017, the Stark County intergovernmental agreement for the treasurer’s office responsibilities is “not needed.”

The letter states, “After discussing my findings with the Henry County Treasurer [Tim Wells], we are of the belief no further visits are necessary as my review [of the Stark County treasurer’s office] is complete and therefore approval of an intergovernmental agreement for continued services is not needed.”

Stark County Board Chairwoman Coleen Magnussen and Board Vice-Chairman Fulvio Zerla had requested the Henry County Treasurer’s office to review the Stark County’s treasurer’s office. The Stark County board passed an intergovernmental agreement with Henry County on Thursday, January 26, 2017, at a special meeting, but now that agreement is nullified by Henry County’s letter to the Stark County board.

The News verified the letter and withdrawal of Henry’s participation, and contacted Vincent for comment.

Vincent stated, “I came down to the Stark County treasurer’s office on Monday, January 30th, and the office is running according to statute. The office is running efficiently. I was to be in an advisory role, only. But, after my and the auditor’s review, and talks with my office, we are not going to do an intergovernmental agreement [with Stark County.]

As of Friday, February 3, 2017, the Stark County treasurer’s office has a note on the door stating that the office is closed until February 6, 2017. Stark County deputy treasurer, Micelle (Storey) Claeys had her hours at the office reduced significantly by the Stark County board’s 2017 budget decision.

It is to be seen if the Stark County treasurer’s office will remain closed until a new treasurer is recommended by Republican chair Mike Bigger, of Wyoming, and is approved by the board. Claeys has expressed interest in the treasurer’s position since the resignation of Stark County Treasurer Katrina Rewerts.

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