Endress steps down as principal

Steve Endress has stepped down as Bradford principal. The school board has accepted his resignation.  Endress has taken a superintendent’s position in Lostant.  Chad Gripp has taken Endress’s place as grade school principal for the district.

Preliminary testing results for Bradford School District show marked improvement in Math scores.  For 3rd through 5th grade, Math scores were in the 96 percentile and Reading scores were in the 83 percentile. For 6 through 8 grades, Bradford Math scores were in the 87 percentile and reading scores were in the 78 percentile.

“We do need to keep working on our reading scores,” said Ellin Lotspeich, Bradford District Superintendent.  “These are just preliminary results and we are happy with the indicators.”

The school board approved $2,628 to repair the Junior High building roof to JC Beaman.  Work is progressing on the metal roof on the Grade School.  The contractor is waiting for material to be delivered. The work is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of school on August 20.  The board hopes to be able to pay for the roof with increased tax money collected this year.  If necessary, the board has looked at several short-term options to fund the product.

The board approved to hire a computer consulting firm to take care of the district’s computer networking needs.  Mike Perva and an assistant will be used on an as needed basis, not to exceed 120 hours a year at a cost of $30 an hour for Perva and $15 an hour for the assistant. 

The board also hired Mary Boehn as a 4th grade teacher and Chad Gripp as Athletic Director.

The next school board meeting will be held on August 18 at 7 p.m.


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