Toulon citizens hold caucus and nominate all incumbents

toulonPrior to the January Toulon City Council meeting, residents gathered for a caucus to make nominations for city council.
Approximately 40 residents packed the Toulon Fire house’s meeting room to vote, with the most coming from ward three.
Incumbent Jenni Davis was nominated for the ward one position and she accepted the nomination.
Misty Turnbull, who was appointed to fill a vacancy several months ago, was nominated for a 4-year position in ward two. She also accepted.
A 2-year position was also available in the second ward because of the recent appointment and the necessity to fill it as soon as possible by vote. No nominations were presented for that position.
In the third ward, incumbent Phil Albertson was nominated and accepted.
Mayor Rick Collins concluded his presiding over the caucus by stating that anyone who would still like to run may do so by picking up a petition at City Hall and obtaining 25 signatures between January 18 and 24.
In the city council meeting, the main discussion was over TIF funds and pending requests.
TIF chairman Art Whittaker presented the numbers to the council for what has been spent and what is still being requested. A total of $42,652 remains currently in the fund.
Cakes Et Cetra’s request has only been partially paid and the remaining balance, $5,117 was subject to an analysis of the business for viability.
The council had a discussion on what exactly they wanted from the business to show that TIF funds would be put to good use.
The conclusion of the discussion was that the council wanted to see progress and where the business was in relation to their previously presented business plan.
Gerber Daisy presented their request of $6,598, which would be addressed in February with Cakes Et. Cetra’s.
Also on the February agenda is a request from Stark County Ventures for $4,248 for new compressors at the Toulon Market.
In the only other item of business, the council approved bonds for city employees to cover any improprieties. The mayor is bonded for $50,000 and the bookkeeper, Barb Cantwell, is bonded for $25,000.

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