Special program Saturday by Floyd Ham

Must see program on Stark County Family Tree

This Saturday afternoon, March 25, in Toulon, Floyd Ham is giving a program which all people with roots in Stark County should attend. His title is, “Connecting Stark County Residents, Past and Present.” Floyd is going to roll out his “Stark County Family Tree” of 35,000 Stark County residents, current and former. This tree highlights their connections to each other, their origins and their movement throughout the state, the country and around the world.
The program is sponsored by the Stark County Genealogical Society and is being held at Toulon United Methodist Church at 1:30 p.m.

For nearly 14 years, Floyd Ham has been a member of the Stark County Genealogical Society. He has become adept at using online genealogical databases and the many resources available to help determine not only the basic family facts such as ancestral names, dates of birth, marriage and death, but also the reasons why these ancestors came to Stark County, what they did and why some have left. He has also “discovered” the many connections we all have to each other; if not here in Stark County, then a generation or two back east.

Floyd Ham started by including every Civil War veteran associated with Stark County. Then he moved to include every member of his church, past and present. For the last 10 years, he has been working to include every person currently interred in the cemeteries of Stark County. A lot of work remains, but this Stark County Family Tree has already facilitated and improved the research capabilities at the Stark County Genealogical Society. We can quickly answer research requests and help researchers to discover new “family” members and directions to continue their research.

His presentation will be free-flowing with only a couple of slides so that many questions about the specific families of the audience can be addressed, highlighted and/or corrected.

If you want to know anything about your family, your neighbor’s family, or anyone associated with Stark County, this presentation is a must see.

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