Leezer reports $11k in late fees to IRS

Good Friday off without pay

By Jim Nowlan
[email protected]

(Note: Your faithful reporter became ill just before the April 11 county board meeting and did not attend. This report is based largely on a subsequent discussion with board member Al Curry, who was good enough to take notes during the meeting.)

County Treasurer Paula Leezer reported to the Stark County Board at its April 11 meeting that $11,300 in late fees had been paid to the IRS by the county between 2010 and 2016, with $7,000 of the late fees occurring in 2016.

Late fees are assessed when a business or, in this case, a government entity fails to make timely transfers of the estimated income tax, Social Security and Medicare withholding payments due the federal government.

The amounts of the late fee penalties incurred are apparently based on either the inadequacy of the payments or the length of the delay in payment, or both.

The board directed Treasurer Leezer to look into their questions about when the late fees were paid and from what accounts. She is expected to report back at the board’s May meeting.

with Marshall and Putnam counties and the University of Illinois Extension Service.
By continuing this agreement, the county will apparently thus be near the head of the line when it comes to eligibility for several federal funding programs for rural counties.

The board also voted to continue with Marshall and Woodford counties in a federally funded transportation program for all citizens.

Operated by Marshall County, the MSW program has nine vehicles that provide scheduled transportation to Peoria and Kewanee and other destinations for any residents who need transportation. In addition, residents may arrange for travel to other places.

Any resident may take advantage of this service by calling Debbie Daykin at 309-364-2287 in Henry. There are “small fees” for persons under 60. For seniors above that age, there is not charge, although free will donations are encouraged.

From October 15 to September 16, 1,355 trips were provided to 19 Stark County residents.

Transportation Committee co-chair Tom Howes reported that the North Valley Road will be closed from April 17 to the end of July for culvert work and other enhancements. Howes said that the Holmes Road south of Speer will also be closed intermittently this summer while it is being rebuilt.

Good Friday a “holiday” without pay

State’s Attorney James Owens reported that all other counties in the 10th Judicial Circuit give Good Friday off to county workers.

At an earlier meeting, board chair Coleen Magnussen had observed that county workers already have 12 holidays, many more than most private sector workers, according to Magnussen.

Board member Al Curry suggested that since county employees other than elected officials are now on hourly pay rather than salary, they could feel free to take the day off, but without pay. This suggestion was adopted by the board.

In other discussion, the board and county Emergency Management Coordinator Don Schmidt praised Sheriff Steve Sloan and other first responders for their professional handling of the chemical spill that occurred several weeks ago at an accident at the intersection of Routes 17 and 78.

“Everyone was impressed by how well and effectively Sheriff Sloan, local fire departments and Goshen Township road commissioner Brad Nelson responded to what could have been a very dangerous situation,” said Curry.

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