Mutual Aid Work Comp in Question

By Doug Hampton
[email protected]

During the May 8th Wyoming City Council meeting, Mayor Pat Maher reviewed information from a meeting he attended at the Stark County Courthouse.  One of the issues discussed was law enforcement mutual aid.  The council reviewed the city ordinance regarding mutual aid and a mutual aid resolution proposed by the county.

Maher stated he was concerned with the statement under injuries stating that if a county deputy gets hurt when assisting another agency, the claim will be submitted under the county workers compensation insurance. If a city police officer is hurt while assisting the sheriff’s department, the claim would be filed under the city workers compensation insurance.

It was pointed out that the Wyoming Police Department is the only police department in the county that has a full time officer, so Wyoming officers get called out more for mutual aid.  Another statement made was that the workers compensation insurance for the County Sherriff’s office is already paid for by the residents of Wyoming in their taxes.  The city has already had to pay for an officer for over six months who was hurt on a county call.  The issue was put on hold while City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher reviews the information.

Maher also expressed his disappointment that he was the only mayor from the county that attended the meeting.

Vehicle Impound Fees

After action by the council, getting your car impounded will cost more in the city, but still not as much if it were impounded by the county.  Police Chief Mark James requested that the council review the current city ordinance regarding impounded vehicles.  Currently the city charges $100 and Stark County is charging $500 to impound a vehicle.  The council discussed the issue and voted to change the ordinance to reflect a fee of $250 instead of $100. 

Ash Borer

City Superintendent Joe Kinsella discussed the ash borer problem with city trees.  The city has more than 150 Ash trees on city property.  The average cost to take down a tree and grind the stump is $475 per tree.  The treatment for Ash Borer is a yearly treatment.  Kinsella will check on more information regarding annual treatment.

Water loss still a mystery

Don McCauley reported that American Leak Detection had been in town and said they did not find anything.  The reason for excess water being processed through the water plant and not being billed for is still undetermined.


Economic Development Advisor Denny Rewerts told the council that they have been working with property owners and businesses regarding annexing into the city corporate limits.  Once that process is complete, the city can finalize the Tax Increment Financing #2 map.

Rewerts said that a bathroom is being installed by a plumber at the Paramount building.   The plumber is donating labor and material as well as the floor.  Other trade professionals have indicated that they would donate labor as well.

Comedy Fundraiser

The Wyoming History and Arts Association, the group working to refurbish the Paramount, is planning on holding a fundraiser in June with comedian Theo Von who will be donating his time and talent.

The council reviewed the 2017 Motor Fuel Tax resolution for Maintenance along with a map showing the target area for oil and chip treatment of roads for 2017.  The council approved a resolution for maintenance under the Illinois Highway Code.

The council reviewed a document regarding the “Agreement and Acceptance of Conditions” for full and part-time police officers.”  The agreements basically spells out that the officer agrees to work for the city for two years or reimburse the city for the costs incurred for training.  They voted to approve the agreement with some wording changes.

City Attorney Bruce Fehrenbacher swore in officials that were re-elected to their positions in the most recent election;  Pat Maher as mayor, Judy St. John as city clerk, Ryan Breese as second ward alderman and Daniel Hardman as third ward alderman.  Nobody ran for the first ward alderman position currently held by Rosemary Knowles.  The mayor will likely appoint someone to fill the position.

The council held a 16 minute executive session but no action was taken when they resumed open session and the meeting was adjourned.

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